YEHADOYE Guesthouse Terms of Service

    1. Application of the present agreement
    1.1.User’s agreement and related contracts that will be formulated by each guest house, will depend on the present user’s agreement, and depend on laws or customs for the matters that are not specified in the present user’s agreement.
    1.2.Without regard to the provisions of the preceding section, each guest house can formulate a special agreement within the scope of the objectives of the agreement, laws or customs.


    2. Circumstances under which utilization can be denied. Each guest house can deny to utilization under following circumstances
    2.1.   When the utilization request does not depend on the present user’s agreement.
    2.2.   When there are no free rooms available.
    2.3.   When it is found that the user’s behavior is against utilization laws,  social order or morals.
    2.4.   When it is clearly found that the user is infected by disease.
    2.5.   When there is an extra burden with regard to the utilization..
    2.6.   When it is found that the user possesses a pet animal or dangerous drugs.
    2.7.   When the utilization request cannot be accepted due to inevitable reasons such as disasters and failure of facilities.
    2.8.   When it is found that the utilization is not in accordance with the  utilization laws that are enforced in South Korea.
    2.9.   When user guest has a citizenship of South Korea and has been living in South Korea
    2.10.  When the user guest has a citizenship of South Korea and has been living in overseas or has a residence in South Korea


    3. Information such as name
    3.1.   When each guest house receives  an application for utilization prior to the day of utilization, each guest house can request the applicant to provide the following information within a deadline fixed by each guest house.
    3.2.   User’s name, sex, nationality, occupation, passport number and address.
    3.3.   Other necessary details required by each guest house.


    4. Reservation fee
    4.1.   When an application for reserving the utilization  is received, full prepayment of fees for the staying period is required.
    4.2.   In the cases that are applicable to the next section, a penalty is charged for the cancelation and the balance amount of the reservation fee is returned back.


    When an applicant cancels a part or whole of the utilization reservation, each guest house charges cancellation fees according to the following.
    5.1.   This table provides cancellation commission rates.

    Before 14 days Before 7-13 Before 3-6 days Daily – Before 2 days
    Peakseason weekend 0% 40% 70% 90%
    Peakseason weekday 0% 30% 50% 80%
    Off-seasonweekend 0% 0% 40% 70%
    Off-season weekday 0% 0% 20% 30%
    5.2.   Summer peak season: July 1 to August 3
    5.3.   Winter peak season: December 1 to January 31
    5.4.   Weekend: Based on Friday and Saturday nights
    5.5.   Weekdays: Based on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights


    6. Reservation cancellation
    Except for determining each guest house separately, reservation will be canceled in the following cases
    6.1.   If applicable to Section 1 to Section 10 of Article 2.
    6.2.   If there a false information on the items mentioned in Section 1 of Article 3 is provided by the user.
    6.3.   If the utilization fee that is specified in the Section 1 of Article 4 is not paid within the deadline.


    7. Registration procedure
    The guest is requested to follow the following steps  on the day of arrival to the guest house
    7.1.   To provide information on the items that are mentioned in Section 1 of Article 3.
    7.2.   To provide information on the items that are mentioned in Section 2 of Article 3.


    8. Payment of fees
    8.1.   Full payment of the fees is made at the time of reservation.
    8.2.   After the user has started to utilize the room, fees are not refundable even if the room is not used occasionally.


    9. Check-in, Check-out time
    9.1.   The time at which the room utilization by the user can be started  is 1:00 o’clock.
    9.2.   The time at which the room of each guest house can be vacated by the user is 11:00 a.m.
    9.3.   If the check-out time is exceeded without any prior information, the room can be optionally organized for the utilization by the next guest.


    10. Denial to continues utilization
    Each guest house can deny to continuous utilization of the room in the following cases even during the utilization period that is accepted by the user.
    10.1.  Cases applicable to Section 3 -10 of Article 2.
    10.2. In case of violation of the utilization rules.


    11.Compliance with rules
    Users of each guest house are requested to comply with the utilization rules that are posted inside each guest house.


    12.Utilization liability
    12.1.  The liability related to the utilization of each guest house starts after completing the registration by the user and ends when the user vacates the room.
    12.2.  The user is not liable with regard to the situations arising out of not complying with the rules that are posted inside each guest house.
    12.3.  When each guest house is unable to provide a room for a user due to liability reasons, other use facilities of equal or similar conditions are suggested to the user.


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